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President's site hacked

Saturday February 5, 2011
The loose-knit group of online global hackers known as "Anonymous" has trained its sights on Yemen following cyber attacks on government websites in Tunisia and Egypt.

A predictable beast without fire

Thursday March 25, 2010
THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (MA) ˜… General release (153 minutes) Jim Schembri Reviewer

From Africa To Australia

Wednesday July 9, 2008
The incidence of female genital mutilation in Australia is hard to determine. But while the practice is illegal, and despite a continuing education campaign, it remains "a problem", according to Sandra Hacker, the former chair of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

What Kind Of Mr Hacker?

Friday May 2, 2008
LIKE A lot of political insiders, Kevin Rudd is a devotee of Yes, Minister and knows all the coded language of bureaucratese, having moved himself from the role of Bernard (ministerial staffer) to Sir Humphrey (senior departmental official) to Jim Hacker (Prime Minister). So, it is not surprising Mr Rudd's address this week to Canberra's most senior officials was more than a convivial pep-talk.

Melbourne's Most Influential Citizens, In No Particular Order . . .

Thursday December 13, 2007
A COACH for a homeless football team, a schoolboy internet hacker and a Sudanese refugee are among the Melburnians recognised in a new annual list of the city's most influential people.

Tunnel Group's Website Hacked

Sunday October 7, 2007
THE new operators of Sydney's Cross City Tunnel have been left red-faced by a computer hacker who infiltrated their website to post an anti-poverty message.

Golfers Won't Get Sympathy

Friday June 15, 2007
PREDICTIONS that the world's best golfers are in for a torrid time at the US Open at Oakmont won't draw much sympathy from your average hacker. The golfing elite are among the world's most privileged sportsmen, so news the fairways are tight and the rough thick should make your average 18-handicapper smile. Just getting through a round a month is tough for those with a mortgage, a family to support and a real job. Stuart Appleby reckons 10 over might be worth a top-three finish. Hey, it's not ...

Fairway Fun In Any Weather

Monday April 30, 2007
That American Express ad where you see Tiger Woods practising his swing in pouring rain probably doesn't reflect the real level of dedication of your average weekend hacker. Thankfully, that's where gadgets such as the Golf Launchpad come in. Practise your drives, pitches and putts from the comfort of your living room and forget the weather outside. This is a golf simulator like no other because it lets you use your regular clubs to play in the virtual world of EA Sports's Tiger Woods PGA Tour ...

Hacker To Write Autobiography

Tuesday February 6, 2007
Kevin Mitnick says his story is the Catch Me if You Can of cyberspace. By Patrick Gray.

Cybercrime Leads To A Sense Of Security

Tuesday February 6, 2007
Now the Government has cut off his electronic ankle bracelet, convicted hacker Adrian Lamo will offer his services as a security consultant.


Tuesday November 14, 2006
The first recorded mention of phishing was on a Usenet newsgroup on January 2, 1996, although the term may have appeared earlier in the "2600: The Hacker Quarterly".

Hackers Have Upper Hand In Fight Against Computer Crime

Tuesday June 20, 2006
COMPUTER hacker attacks on banks and other financial institutions increased by 300 per cent last year but the skills to fight them are in short supply, a report says.

Erratic Chris Will Kick On

Sunday April 16, 2006
WHEN he is off the radar, Magpie Chris Tarrant sprays set shots like a weekend golf hacker, but coach Mick Malthouse believes his full-forward would nail a game-winning shot if ever it came his way again.

Defeating The Hacker

Tuesday April 11, 2006
Leave your boring management job behind and discover the world of the e-CSI in this extract from Robert Schifreen's latest book.

Valiant To Friends, Suspect To Police Accused Supremacist Also A Hacker

Thursday December 22, 2005
POLICE know him as Andrew Sanders, supposed white supremacist. His neighbours know him as a quiet 25-year-old who cannot leave home without his mother. Computer hackers know him as Valiant, international cyber hacker.

The Tunnel Rat Who Was A Global Hacker

Thursday December 22, 2005
POLICE know him as Andrew Sanders, supposed white supremacist. His neighbours know him as a quiet 25-year-old who cannot leave home without his mum. And computer nerds know him as Valiant, international cyber hacker.

Security Flying On The Airwaves

Tuesday November 29, 2005
Hacker crews are targeting Australian organisations because of their weak wireless local area networks, new research shows.

Court Opens Pandora's Computer Copyright Box

Friday October 7, 2005
A FOUR-YEAR legal battle over the copyright protection provisions enshrined in the Australia-US free trade agreement has ended in the High Court of Australia with a victory for computer hacker Eddy Stevens and a warning to the Government on copyright law.

Why Baker-finch Fell Over

Sunday June 5, 2005
SWING doctors and sports shrinks have analysed Ian Baker-Finch's dramatic plunge from British Open champion to tournament hacker, but five-time Open champion Peter Thomson believes the reason is simple.

Beware The Crime Lords Of The Internet

Tuesday May 31, 2005
THE romantic, almost noble notion of the lone-gunman hacker popularised in films such as War Games and Hackers has been replaced by a crude reality - they are usually criminals and they are far better organised than we are. Organised crime syndicates with thousands of members are turning to hacking and spamming techniques to dupe innocent internet users out of millions of dollars annually, delegates to this year's AusCERT security conference were told.

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